The Solitary Rambler

    Filmed 20th July 2018
    Post-production completed TBA

    Running time 20 minutes

    Bream was the first village in the Forest of Dean I remember visiting as a kid. I make a return trip to explore the village and its surroundings more thoroughly. My walk includes a visit to a location in the Forest I don’t recall ever visiting before, Devil’s Chapel, which consists of wonderful landscape features known as scowles …..

    Filmed in the Forest of Dean in the county of Gloucestershire. Locations include Bream, Devil’s Chapel, Bream Tufts and Mill Hill. This is part of the series of films in 2018 celebrating 25 years of “The Solitary Rambler”.
      Background and production details

      I had shot footage for four films in the Forest of Dean during the middle of July 2018, so after a few days stay in Somerset with my Mum again, I decided to shoot one more film in the Forest of Dean on the way home. I chose to film Bream, featured very briefly years earlier in both “The Mysterious Forest” and “Sentiments of Severnside”, so for the 25th anniversary I thought it would be nice to return to explore and shoot the village in more detail as well as the surrounding area. I remembered there was a place called Devil’s Chapel nearby, which I didn’t recall ever visiting before, so that would be a great place to feature in my Bream film.
      On Friday 20th July 2018 I left Mum’s house and drove to Bream to begin the day’s filming. I parked on Parkend Road and filmed shots of the centre of the village to include the war memorial and the Rising Sun Inn, from where there were great views across the Forest to capture. Walking down the High Street I filmed around the junction where the old Maypole once stood, only to find a new one erected in a garden of the former New Inn, so I managed to capture some shots of that. Moving up the hill along Lydney Road I walked as far as a track leading off to the right into woods which, are part of Lydney Park Estate. Just along here I found Devil’s Chapel where I captured some superb shots of the scowles.
      Continuing on I exited the wood to turn right along field paths eventually leading onto Parawell Lane, where I turned right to walk back into bream opposite St James’s Church. After shooting this lovely building I walked along Coleford Road as far as a track leading off right where I joined a section of the Gloucestershire Way. I followed this past Bream’s Meend to soon cross Oakwood Road at Mill Hill. I continued along the route until reaching a track which led onto Parkend Road, just north of Bream. I then climbed the hill back into the village where I finished the day’s filming beside the war memorial. After filming I drove on and enjoyed a quick half in the Woodman Inn at nearby Parkend, before driving on to Ross-on-Wye, where I parked up at Morrison’s and walked into the centre of town to have a meal in the Mail Rooms, Ross’s Weatherspoon’s pub. After this I slowly made my journey back home to Derbyshire.

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