The Solitary Rambler

    Filmed 17th July 2018
    Post-production completed TBA

    Running time 20 minutes

    My walk today explores a very popular walking area on the fringes of the Forest of Dean, tracing a route around the parish of Woolaston, an area of scattered settlement and fertile farmland close to the River Severn. It is also the area in which I spent the earliest years of my life, so after my walk I return to the nearby village where I lived with my Mum and Dad …..

    Filmed in the Forest of Dean in the county of Gloucestershire. Locations include Woolaston, High Woolaston, Park Hill Common, Woolaston Slade, Woolaston Woodside, Woolaston Common and Alvington. This is part of the series of films in 2018 celebrating 25 years of “The Solitary Rambler”.
      Background and production details

      I wanted to go back to Alvington, the first place in which I lived, as originally featured in 1999’s “Sentiments of Severnside”. As I had already returned to Chepstow in 2018 it seemed the right thing to do as part of the 25th anniversary year to make a 20-minute film in Alvington. There was a 5-mile circular walk around Woolaston Common in one of my guidebooks, so that would cover a lot of the area where I spent the first years of my life, then I could end the film in Alvington.
      On Tuesday 17th July 2018 I left the Premier Inn in Ross-on-Wye, where I had spent the last two nights, and drove to Woolaston, parking in a small, rough layby on the approach to the village just off the A48. I took a few shots in the centre of the village before starting the walk, which crossed fields to eventually cross Woodside Lane where I walked near Woolaston Church. Crossing more fields I came out onto St Briavels Road at High Woolaston. I then climbed up fields to cross the same lane further up at Park Hill Common, where I took the no through road and walked along it as far as a footpath on the left marked with concrete bollards. This descended through woodland to Woolaston Slade where I turned right along a track until I turned left near a pond in a field where a path led to Slade Road at Severn View Farm.
      The more interesting part of the day came next for me as I followed the lane from here to Woolaston Woodside. This was where my paternal grandparents lived at the time I was living in Alvington, so I took a few shots here before following the path that eventually led onto the lane at Woolaston Common. Walking back slowly towards the main village I passed the Rising Sun Inn, but sadly didn’t have time to call in. However, I did go back a couple of days later for a quick drink, so I didn’t miss out in the end! Arriving back in Woolaston itself I took a few more shots here before moving off and driving to nearby Alvington. I parked on Clanna Road and took various shots all over the village, finishing by the church where I captured the final shots of the day.

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