The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 1st November 2017
Post-production completed 10th February 2018

Running time 20 minutes

During my exploration of Dartmoor in the autumn of 2017 I visit the historic stannary town of Chagford . My walk starts and ends here, which begins with a very steep climb up to Nattadon Common. However, the climb is worth it for the spectacular views. The walk then becomes much easier as my route takes me through woodlands and across fields before taking a delightful and gentle stroll beside the River Teign .....

Filmed in Dartmoor in the county of Devon . Locations include Chagford , Nattadon Common, Rushford Bridge and Chagford Bridge.
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Background and production details

My third and final day in Dartmoor in late 2017 was on Wednesday 1st November, so I decided to make a third film in the area before travelling home. I wanted to feature another Dartmoor village or town, so I selected Chagford , firstly as it wasn’t far to drive to from Whiddon Down where I had been staying in the Travelodge over the previous two nights, and secondly I had come across a walk in one of my guidebooks starting and ending in this town, which seemed not to be too strenuous a route before I would have to make the journey home.
My first stop that morning was on the edge of Whiddon Down as there was a Dartmoor National Park  boundary sign at the roadside just outside the village, which I wanted to capture to feature in at least one of my three Dartmoor films. I then drove on to Chagford, parking the car in the main car park by the health centre. I spent about an hour or so capturing various shots of the small town including the market house and square, the High Street, Mill Street and St Michael's Church. The walk itself started along New Street until I found a path which climbed steeply up to Nattadon Common. Although this was a very steep climb the views I captured were fantastic.
Reaching the top I continued onto a lane as far as a path descending through Week Down. The path led me through woodland and eventually onto another lane, which I followed to take paths across fields leading onto the B3206 just north east of Chagford. Walking along more field paths I came to Rushford Bridge, from where I followed the path beside the River Teign . I walked this as far as Chagford Bridge and followed the lane which crossed it back into Chagford. I took a few more shots around the town and completed the day’s filming just before 3pm. This marked the end of three very enjoyable days in Dartmoor, an area in which I never thought I would ever make any films, so I am extremely glad that I have done so .
I was very happy with the first two films I had made in Dartmoor, so for the third I wanted to make sure it would be at least as good. With that in mind I chose to create a different style of musical soundtrack from its predecessors. I based the music on the score I had composed using the harp and flute keyboard voices for “ Doone Valley to Dulverton ”, which I had been particularly happy with and felt gave a fresh sound for my films. I thought a similar sound would work for “Circuit of Chagford”, so using the harp and flute voices again I recorded its main theme as well as adding other sounds in places like the oboe, guitar, cello and the usual VP soft strings.

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