The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 2nd October 2017
Post-production completed 12th December 2017

Running time 20 minutes

I return to the Cotswolds , this time to the town of Wotton-under-Edge . I spend an hour or so looking around Wotton and then go on a walk, which climbs out of the town to follow part of the long-distance footpath, the Cotswold Way . My main point of interest, however, is a large monument on the top of Nibley Knoll , sometimes locally referred to as “ Nibley Knob ". ....

Filmed in the Cotswolds in the county of Gloucestershire . Locations include Wotton-under-Edge , Westridge Wood and the Tyndale Monument .
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Background and production details

I had made just one video in the Cotswolds , “ Sanctum of the Slaughters ” back in 2014, but that was in my early days of making the 20 minute films long before I felt I mastered the format. In that film had briefly visited five different towns and villages in the Cotswolds, but I was telling the first part of a story about my father, and looking back now I feel the focus was perhaps too much on that story rather than on the places I was visiting. I wanted to make another film in the Cotswolds anyway, therefore, I decided to return to the area and make a video that would be more in the format I normally produce now. I booked two nights stay for the beginning of October 2017 in the Cirencester Travelodge , which would make a great base in the Cotswolds during my filming. There were several places in the Cotswolds where I wanted to shoot, and over the months I kept changing my mind as to which places I was going to film. When October finally arrived I decided to film the Tyndale Monument above the village of North Nibley , so I could also feature Wotton-under-Edge from where the walk started.

I checked in to the Travelodge in Cirencester on Sunday 1st October 2017 and set off the following morning for Wotton-under-Edge. I parked in Chipping Car Park and walked onto Long Street to find a cafe before I would start filming. I went into the really nice Edge Coffee Shop and thoroughly enjoyed their “Edge Breakfast”. Unfortunately, when I paid my bill the lady behind the counter gave me a torn five pound note when she handed me my change, which I didn’t check carefully at the time. Anyway I left the cafe and began filming. The first shots were all around Wotton-under-Edge including Long Street, Haw Street, Market Street, Church Street, Culverhay and Old Town.

The walk itself started at Tabernacle Pitch, where I climbed up a path on to Old London Road. Turning off here I followed a path soon joining the Cotswold Way , which I followed for a couple of miles or so through Westridge Wood to the Tyndale Monument. Here I enjoyed filming many shots of the tower and was able to go up inside too. From the monument I walked along a slightly different route back through Westridge Wood, back onto Old London Road then steeply dropping back into Wotton. The last shots of the day were of views of the town as I descended from Adey’s Lane. I called into a shop only to find they wouldn’t accept the five pound note I tried to give them, the same torn note I had been given as change from the lady in the Edge Coffee Shop that morning. My fault for not looking more carefully at that time, but I went back into the cafe and there was no problem as the lady swapped the torn note for me. Feeling relieved I had sorted that without any issue I made my way back to my car.

As I left Wotton I decided to take a different route back to my Travelodge in Cirencester, so I drove towards North Nibley, where I briefly stopped to take a shot of Tyndale Monument from the road, in order to capture a different angle. I then carried on driving through Dursley and followed the B4066 on through Uley . I decided to stop briefly at Coaley Peak Picnic Site and Viewpoint near Nympsfield and looked at the fantastic views. I could also see the Tyndale Monument in the distance, so I decided to take one final shot to capture its position on the hill from where I was standing as I felt it would be a real shame if I didn’t film it .

A bit of a tune had come into my head whilst I was filming the walk to and from Tyndale Monument, so I decided to develop that as my musical score for the final edited film, which I appropriately ended up titling “Tower of Tyndale”. I used piano, hard bow strings and whistle sounds for this theme. For the scenes at Tyndale Monument I wanted another dramatic piece of music, similar to my previous scores in earlier films featuring hilltop monuments, so I used the same sounds i.e. nativity choir voices.

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