The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 1st June 2017
Post-production completed 21st July 2017

Running time 20 minutes
Weston-super-Mare was the seaside resort my family and I visited the most when I was growing up. I always enjoyed coming here on caravan holidays, and then later on in my life I ended up living here for a while. I return to Weston at the start of summer 2017 to reminisce about those great family holidays and how my life was affected when I became a resident .....
Filmed in Weston-super-Mare in the county of Somerset. Locations include Weston Bay , Knightstone Island, Birnbeck Pier , Sand Bay , Sand Point and Uphill .
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Background and production details
I had been out to film two places in the south west where I once lived, Portishead and Bristol, so I had one more place I needed to film during my stay with mother in Somerset at the end of May/beginning of June 2017, and that was the coastal town of Weston-super-Mare. This was particularly handy as this was where Mum was now living, so I had no distance to travel before and after filming. Long before I lived in Weston it was my family’s major caravan holiday destination when I was growing up, so it was a particularly special place for me to make a video.

Thursday 1st June was the day I set out to film Weston so I parked at Ellenborough Park South and began shooting outside the Tropicana. From here I slowly walked northwards along the seafront. The tide was out, but was gradually coming in as I carried on filming. I shot scenes of the Grand Pier then onto Knightstone Island. By this time the tide was right up. I crossed the causeway at the edge of Marine Lake and moved on to film many shots of Birnbeck Pier. It was in a very dilapidated state, but nevertheless I needed to film it and tried to capture the best shots I could to make it look as interesting as possible.

Retracing my steps to the car I drove on to park in Sand Bay . Here I filmed a few shots along its beach then went on to film Sand Point . The wind was proving a slight issue whilst I was trying to record a scene standing in front of the camera, but I got several takes which I could edit together. The final shots of the day were at Uphill , although it was only a few shots of the village I took as I mainly wanted to capture the Church of St Nicholas on the hill above. Climbing up here I shot the last scenes which included some great views over Weston Bay .

Whilst I was living in Weston in the late 1990s I created a bit of a tune, which I never recorded at the time, so I opted to record and adapt it to use as my soundtrack for my film “Waterside of Weston”. In my attempts to try and keep my music different in each film I used for the first time a “hip hop” drum beat and the keyboard’s “vapor” voice in the majority of the soundtrack.

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