The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 31st October 2016
Post-production completed 30th January 2017

Running time 17 minutes
I plan a visit to Ilkley Moor , another place I have never visited before now. Walking across the moors I discover an old spa cottage before descending into Ilkley , a lovely town, which I thoroughly enjoy exploring. Climbing back onto Ilkley Moor I head for the intriguing rocks known as “Cow and Calf” .....
Filmed in the South Pennines in the county of West Yorkshire . Locations include Ilkley Moor , Cow and Calf rocks, White Wells Spa Cottage and Ilkley .
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Background and production details
After my North York Moors trip at the beginning of October 2016 I thought the three films I shot there would be my last for the year. However, whilst browsing online I discovered there was a good deal on at the Premier Inn at Gargrave near Skipton in North Yorkshire for the week beginning Monday 31st October, i.e. £31.50 per night, so I ended up booking four nights at that cost, which I thought was too good to miss. There were more films I wanted to make in and around the Yorkshire Dales , so Gargrave would be a good base for this. There were also one or two more films I wanted to make in West Yorkshire , so I decided that I could shoot one of these on the day I travel up to Gargrave. This particular film would be set on Ilkley Moor , more specifically to feature the Cow and Calf rocks.
On the night before I was due to travel to Ilkley I suddenly developed a cold, perfect timing! Many of my work colleagues had been suffering with colds around this time, so it was inevitable that I would catch it at some point, but just very unfortunate I go down with it on the first day of my holiday! Never mind, I made my way up to Ilkley, stopping at the local Tesco to buy some throat sweets, then drove up to the car park below the Cow and Calf rocks. As I was feeling so rough with this cold I didn’t feel like doing a long walk, so it would be very much a make it up as I go along situation. As long as I featured the Cow and Calf rocks, White Wells Spa Cottage and some scenes around the town of Ilkley, I would be happy.
My filming began at the Cow and Calf rocks then I walked across Ilkley Moor at Hangingstone Quarries, crossed Backstone Beck, and followed a path below Ilkley Crags to the spa cottage at White Wells. I filmed around here then dropped down into Ilkley to shoot various scenes of the town. Key locations I shot in the town centre were the Grove, Brook Street, the Town Hall and the exterior of the Manor House Museum . I retraced my steps from Ilkley to White Wells then followed the Millennium Way to the top of Ilkley Crags. It was an easy walk across the moor from here back to Cow and Calf. The day’s filming ended with more shots of the rocks and the exterior of the Cow and Cow pub opposite. I enjoyed a cup of tea at the little café at the Cow and Calf car park before driving on to the Premier Inn at Gargrave.
I began editing “Inspiration of Ilkley” during late January 2017. I didn’t have any specific ideas to what music I was going to compose, but I did want to include a small piece of the Yorkshire song “ On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at ” just to represent my visit to Ilkley Moor. I recorded a very short section for the very start of the film as well as the end titles, but for the majority of the soundtrack I composed a brand new theme on my keyboard using the VP soft strings, piano and English horn voices.

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