The Solitary Rambler

  1. Rievaulx Abbey
  2. Rievaulx Abbey
  3. Rievaulx Terrace
  4. Rievaulx Terrace
  5. Helmsley
Filmed 3rd October 2016
Post-production completed 2nd January 2017

Running time 20 minutes
I return to the North York Moors to explore more of the lovely area. This time I visit the small market town of Helmsley and its ruined castle . I also visit the remains of a Cistercian abbey and a grass-covered terrace   offering spectacular views overlooking these ruins.....
Filmed in the North York Moors in the county of North Yorkshire . Locations include Helmsley , Helmsley Castle , Rievaulx Abbey and Rievaulx Terrace .
  1. Helmsley
  2. Helmsley
  3. Helmsley Castle
  4. Helmsley Castle
  5. Helmsley Castle
Background and production details
After I had had a taste of the North York Moors in September 2015 I knew I wanted to return someday to make more films in the area. Once I had completed my day of filming in Rosedale for “ Remnants of Rosedale ” my journey home had taken me briefly through Hutton-le-Hole and Helmsley , so they were places I decided to I wanted to film on my next visit. I decided to return to the North York Moors the following year and within a few weeks of my visit I booked a B&B in Hutton-le-Hole for three nights in October 2016, so I could make three films whilst staying there. The first of the three films I would make would be in Helmsley nearby Rievaulx Abbey as I could shoot in these locations on the first day en-route to Hutton-le-Hole.

On Monday 3rd October 2016 I left home early that morning to arrive in Helmsley at approximately 9.00am. My first task was to have breakfast, so I enjoyed that in the Nice Things Café and Gift Shop . My filming began in the Market Place where I shot many scenes before walking round to the picturesque Castlegate. My next shooting location was the castle and as I had recently joined English Heritage , as well as the National Trust , I could go inside free of charge and film the castle ruins.

At around midday I drove onto Rievaulx . Shooting a few scenes in the village I then entered the grounds of Rievaulx Abbey which, like Helmsley Castle, was in the care of English Heritage so I could enter free of charge and film all around the ruins. Towards the end of the day I moved up to Rievaulx Terrace , a National Trust property, to take the last few shots .

Composing the music for “Ruins of Rievaulx” would involve a mix of styles. I wanted to create a soundtrack that sounded like monks chanting for the Rievaulx Abbey scenes, so I used the “Chorus Ooh” voices on my keyboard accompanied by a church organ sound. For the sequences within Helmsley Castle I wanted a Medieval sound, so I recorded a piece of music using the keyboard’s harpsichord voices. Finally, I composed a small instrumental section of my song “Purple Moors” to reinforce that this film was a return to the North York Moors.

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