The Solitary Rambler

  1. Lyme Hall
  2. The Cage
  3. Entering the Lantern
  4. Lyme Hall
  5. The Bowstones
Filmed 24th September 2016
Post-production completed 20th November 2016

Running time 20 minutes
It is a very windy day when I decide to visit Lyme Park in Cheshire . I explore the grounds of this park, which includes the exterior of Lyme Hall, once used as a filming location in an adaptation of a certain famous Jane Austen story . My walk also explores the nearby moors of the Peak District ,  which surround this lavish park.....
Filmed in the Peak District in the county of Cheshire . Locations  around Lyme Park include Lyme Hall, the Cage, the Lantern, the Bowstones , Cluse Hay and Hase Bank Wood .
  1. Lyme Hall courtyard
  2. The Lantern
  3. Cluse Hay
  4. Lyme Hall
  5. In front of Lyme Hall
Background and production details
One of the last major locations in the Peak District   I felt I still needed to film was Lyme Park near Disley in Cheshire . I did a walk in Lyme back in 2003 and that was my one and only visit, so I decided it would make a nice video to make.

On Saturday 24th September I drove to Lyme Park, arriving at about 9:00am. It was a windy morning and I knew that was the forecast for the day, but at least it was still pleasantly warm and dry. I started by filming a few scenes around the Timber Yard before shooting around Lyme Hall itself. I wasn’t planning on going inside the hall or the gardens, but I knew I would still get plenty of good shots from the outside. As well as the exterior of the building I managed to get a few shots of the courtyard. The walk took me from the house to the Cage, where I got superb shots of this tower and the views from it. From here I walked across the grounds to take several shots up to Lantern Wood and the folly called “the Lantern”.

Leaving the wood I captured many excellent shots of the open moors up to Bow Stone Farm. Walking along the Gritstone Trail towards Sponds Hill I then took a path to Dale Top and down to Keepers Cottage on Moorside Lane. Beyond the cottage I followed a path across fields above Cluse Hay to eventually lead onto Shrigley Road at Green Close Methodist Church. The final section of the walk took me from here, past West Parkgate Lodge and into Hase Bank Wood through which I followed the track back to the main car park beside Lyme Hall. I shot the final few scenes here before heading home.

I had no specific music in mind for this film, which I decided to call “Lavish Park of Lyme”, but I knew I wanted to try to create a classical soundtrack similar to the string theme I had composed for “ Yesteryear of York ”. For the main theme I recorded sections of music with my keyboard’s “Hard Bow” string voice accompanied by the “Stereo Harp”.

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