The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 1st September 2016
Post-production completed 30th September 2016

Running time 19 minutes
I regularly pass through Hayfield , a beautiful village in the Peak District and once the home of a famous actor , so today I decide to explore it in more detail and do a circular walk in the area. My walk takes me on a long climb up to the top of the superb Lantern Pike , where the views are worth the effort .....
Filmed in the Peak District in the county of Derbyshire . Locations include Hayfield , Birch Vale Reservoir, Lantern Pike , Little Hayfield , Middle Moor and Snake Path​ .
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Background and production details
Although I had made many films in the Peak District and felt I had covered the majority of the area by this time there were still a few more I wanted to do. The lovely village of Hayfield was a place I knew I still wanted to film, so I decided to make that one of my projects during 2016. I had done a circular walk from Hayfield several years before, which led along the bottom of Lantern Pike , across to Middle Moor then back to Hayfield, so I thought I could film this. For the film I made a slight variation as I wanted to actually climb Lantern Pike this time.
On Thursday 1st September I arrived in Hayfield at around 9:00am and spent just over an hour capturing various shots all around the village. Walking along the Sett Valley Trail I followed the path beside Birch Vale Reservoir to Lantern Pike. It was a long, strenuous haul, but the shots I got with the camcorder were worth it. Heading onto the summit of Lantern Pike I filmed the great views all around before heading back down to Little Hayfield . From here I climbed up across Middle Moor before following Snake Path back into Hayfield. I was going to end the day with a drink in one of the local pubs, but in the end I decided to just buy an ice cream from the local shop then make my way home.
I had composed a theme about a year earlier, but I hadn’t recorded it or used in any of my films up to now. I started to record this theme for “Hillsides of Hayfield” as I thought it might be suitable piece of music to use, but after a short time I just felt it wasn’t working. Therefore, I went back to the drawing board and eventually came up with something totally new, a piano piece with added strings, which I felt worked much better than what I had originally started to record.

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