The Solitary Rambler

  1. Jubilee Tower on Darwen Hill
  2. Climbing Darwen Hill
  3. At the foot of the Jubilee Tower
  4. Views from Jubilee Tower
  5. Jubilee Tower on Darwen Hill
Filmed 30th August 2016
Post-production completed 7th September 2016

Running time 19 minutes
My preceding walks exploring the West Pennine Moors , along with their interesting towers and monuments, had wetted my appetite for more of the same. I manage to find another walk in the area, this time on Darwen Moor , again with a fascinating tower , only this time I can actually explore the inside of it .....
Filmed in the West Pennine Moors in the county of  Lancashire. Locations include  Darwen Moor , Earnsdale Reservoir, India Mill Chimney and Jubilee Tower .
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  1. Earnsdale Reservoir
  2. Darwen and the India Mill Chimney
  3. Jubilee Tower
  4. Stepback Clough
  5. Climbing Darwen Hill
Background and production details
Even before I had made two films on the West Pennine Moors I knew I would be making a third. I found another walk during my research in the area, which also featured a tower, i.e. the Jubilee Tower on Darwen Hill above the town of Darwen . This tower looked like it might be even more interesting due to the fact that it was open to the public every day of the year. I found a circular walk of about 4 miles in my guide book of Lancashire walks , so this seemed a good one to film.
On Tuesday 30th September I drove to the location of the start of the walk, which was a car park behind the Royal Arms pub on Tockholes Road where there is also a café and information centre . Filming a shot, which I thought was quite clever at the car park I started the walk as I took a path through Tockholes Plantation. Just before reaching the Roddlesworth Reservoirs the walk climbed up onto the road again, where I crossed to Dean Lane, part of the Witton Weavers’ Way . I followed this track down to Earnsdale Reservoir, where I took various shots of the lake and the dam as well as great shots of Jubilee Tower overhead.
Heading on from here I climbed up to get great pictures of the views as I made my way towards Jubilee Tower, which included Darwen and its India Mill chimney. Then I reached Jubilee Tower itself, what a wonderful place! I captured so many brilliant shots here, outside and inside the tower. It was a joy to get so much variety on film, e.g. the internal spiral staircase, the circular viewing platform a little way up, the very top of the tower, and of course the fantastic views. After having captured so much at this great place I eventually walked on across Darwen Moor to Stepback Clough, from where I got the last few shots of the day as I headed back to Tockholes Road. I ended my day with a quick drink inside the Royal Arms before making my journey back home.
I eventually chose to call this film “Destination of Darwen” when I came to start the post production. Based on my success of the music for the two preceding videos I had made in the West Pennine Moors I composed a similar soundtrack, but still sounding different and unique in its own way.

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