The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 31st May 2016
Post-production completed 17th June 2016

€‹Running time 19 minutes
I return to the Lake District   as part of a celebration of my 50th birthday. On this occasion I tour the town of Keswick and follow a walk beside part of Derwent Water that eventually takes me high above the lake to an old stone circle .....
Filmed in the Lake District in the county of Cumbria . Locations include Keswick , Derwent Water , Friar’s Crag, Castlerigg stone circle and Castlehead .
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Background and production details
After I had filmed “ Wayfarer of Windermere ” back in June 2013 I always knew that I would be returning to the Lake District at some point to film more “Solitary Rambler” films in the area. I had based “Windermere” on my very first trip to the Lakes, which was in 1987, so similarly I wanted the next film in the area to be based on the next trip I had made, which was in the spring of 1991. The difference this time, of course, would be that I would make several shorter videos around the Lake District as opposed to one long video as I had done with “Windermere”. I was aiming to make approximately three 20 minute videos around the northern Lakes to include places like Keswick , Buttermere and Borrowdale , locations in which I stayed during my 1991 holiday.
I had made an online booking for five night’s accommodation in May to June 2016 in a B&B in Keswick, which would be an ideal base from which to make all the films I wanted to do in the northern Lakes. The first short video would be based in and around Keswick, and I found a 7 mile walk in one of my guide books that visited Friar’s Crag and Castlerigg stone circle , so I felt this would make a good video.  My first night’s stay in Keswick was Monday 30th May, which was a Bank Holiday, but I didn’t want to completely shatter myself out by leaving home really early that morning then rush up to Keswick and then do the walk and film that same day. I knew the journey would take 3½ to 4 hours, so I instead decided to make it a more leisurely day and do the filming the following day.
Therefore, on Tuesday 31st May I began filming around Keswick. I shot around most of the streets in the town centre, but there was one problem – the Moot Hall was covered in scaffolding! However, I knew there was nothing I could do about it, so I just had to carry on shooting. After having captured Keswick on my camcorder I started the walk, which began by the edge of Derwent Water at the end of Lake Road. I followed the route beside the lake to film Friar’s Crag and then on up to Great Wood below Walla Crag . Climbing on up I eventually crossed the A591 and on to the stone circle at Castlerigg. Returning to the main road I walked back towards Keswick following paths which after a while took me to the viewpoint at Castlehead, from which I took superb shots of the views over Derwent Water. The final few shots were taken at Crow Park just off Lake Road in Keswick.
I wanted to call this film “K… of Keswick”, but I was struggling to find a decent alliterative title with a “K”, so I eventually decided to shelve that idea and call it “Circle of Castlerigg”. I already knew what music I would be composing for this film, which would be another version of my song “Until I Return”, which I first used in “Wayfarer of Windermere”.

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