The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 3rd May 2016
Post-production completed 24th May 2016

Running time 18 minutes
An uncle of mine was once a resident of Rutland , so I decide to explore a little of the county in which he lived. I take a short tour of Oakham and then walk around a peninsula within one of the largest artificial reservoirs in the country, Rutland Water .....
Filmed in in the county of Rutland . Locations include Oakham , Hambleton and Rutland Water .
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Background and production details
Although I made one brief visit to the county of Rutland in early 2015 it wasn't an area in which I considered filming, as with the previous two films. However, I later discovered a walk in one of my walking guide books, which followed a track around the Hambleton Peninsula in Rutland Water , so I thought this might be interesting to make a film about. My Dad'€s younger brother, Uncle Jim, had also lived in Rutland for a short time some years earlier, so I thought the link of my uncle having been a resident in Rutland might add a nice touch for a video here.
I would be going out to film on the 3rd May and had worked out that the journey to Rutland would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. The most direct route was via Nottingham , but I planned to arrive in Oakham at around 9:00am and because I was traveling on a weekday I knew I was highly likely to hit commuter traffic, so I chose to avoid the Nottingham route and take the slightly longer way which would involve travelling further south down the M1 . Unfortunately, when I made my journey the traffic was very slow moving on the motorway, so it didn't necessarily make my trip any quicker by choosing the alternative route.
It was nearly 10:00am when I finally reached Oakham after my slow journey, but I wasn't too concerned about arriving later than I had anticipated. The weather forecast was good, so I knew I would still have a good day to make my film. I spent nearly an hour capturing shots around Oakham then I moved off to Hambleton to begin the walk I wanted to do. I took a few shots around the village then began to follow the track around the peninsula. It was a fairly easy walk as the terrain was flat, the only slight issue being lots of midges everywhere, but the day'€™s stroll along the shores of Rutland Water was very pleasant indeed. There was a little drizzle by the time I completed the peninsula walk, but nothing to spoil the filming in any way. I arrived back in Hambleton at around 4:00pm to take a final few shots before my day of filming was in the can.
A few bars of what I felt was quite a catchy a tune had suddenly come into my head weeks before I set out to film around Rutland Water, so I had a little bit of a head start when I came to compose the musical soundtrack for €"Reservoir of Rutland".

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