The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 6th October 2015
Post-production completed 7th January 2016
Running time 20 minutes
I decide to explore part of the beautiful Snowdonia in North Wales . My first tour in this National Park is in the delightful small coastal town of Harlech , where I follow the “ Branwen Walk ” taking in some of the highlights of the area…..
Filmed in Harlech in the county of Gwynedd . Locations include Harlech Castle , the beach and Ffordd Pen LLech. This is the first film in Snowdonia .
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Background and production details
In October 2015 I had booked 3 nights in the Travelodge in Porthmadog , so I planned to make a few films in that part of Snowdonia . As with other areas I wanted to visit locations based on my very first visit to the region. Harlech was the first location I had stayed in, so that would be my first film in Snowdonia.
From Porthmadog I made my way to Harlech on Tuesday 6th October. The first thing was to have breakfast, so I went into Caffi Bwtri Bach Café where I enjoyed their fantastic all day breakfast for £6.00. This set me up very nicely for the day so I moved on and began filming below the castle on the lane called Twtil. Climbing up Tryfar I took shots of the castle from a small cemetery and then headed back up to Stryd Fawr where I filmed various shots along the main street through the village. Here I was approached by a friendly local gentleman, who stopped to speak to me for a while about Harlech and some of its points of interest.
Moving back down past the castle I followed the “ Branwen Walk ”, which eventually led me down to Harlech Beach, where I got some great shots of the sand dunes. Walking towards the railway station I then climbed up Fford Pen Llech, the steep lane back into the village centre. From here I then climbed on up Pen Dref to do a short walk above Harlech and get some fantastic shots of the views over the village as well as the nearby mountains of Snowdonia. My filming finished as I found myself at another little cemetery just off Pen Dref, from where I had some superb views over Harlech and the  castle.
I never came up with a song for Snowdonia when I first visited during the 1980’s apart from a few chords in my head, which never evolved into anything. However, that was the closest to a theme for the area that I could come up with at the time, so I decided to record those chords for the soundtrack my first video in Snowdonia, “High Rock of Harlech”. 
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