The Solitary Rambler

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  5. 047 Seaside of Scarborough
Filmed 7th September 2015
Post-production completed 31st October 2015
Running time 19 minutes
I once spent a caravanning holiday with family in Scarborough and at the time it was a firm favourite. 40 years later I return to the resort to see how well I remember this lovely seaside town since my first visit as a 9 year old…..
Filmed in Scarborough in the county of North Yorkshire . Locations include South Bay, North Bay, Peasholm Park and Castle Hill .
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Background and production details
Once I had completed my day of filming on Sunday 6th September in York for “ Yesteryear in York ” I drove on to Scarborough , where I had booked myself in for one night’s stay that same evening at the Premier Inn . I was particularly keen on filming in Scarborough as it was a resort in which I had spent a family caravan holiday as a child, so I thought this would be a lovely piece of nostalgia to make into a film of “The Solitary Rambler”. This would also be the second part of my lead up to filming in the North York Moors .
After having an early breakfast the following morning in the Brewer’s Fayre attached to the Premier Inn I checked out, leaving my case in my car which I had parked on arrival the previous evening in the Palm Court pay and display car park . By the time I had completed my filming today I had been parked in this car park for just under 24 hours, which cost £10, so I thought that was a good deal.
Anyway leaving the car in Palm Court car park I walked to my first location to film in Scarborough, Valley Bridge . I wanted to try and recapture my memories of when I first arrived in the resort 40 years previously, and I could remember this bridge from that visit. I took a few shots here and along Valley Road below. I then took some shots where I say my first lines, which was in front of the Spa Bridge . Walking along to the Spa it began to drizzle, although it wasn’t anything to spoil my filming. I filmed the Sun Court Suite, which was a venue I remember visiting where shows were held. The drizzle petered out, although it was very windy, as I walked back towards the Spa Bridge and along Foreshore Road. I took many shots of South Bay to show the beach, sea, buildings, amusement arcades and the harbour.
Moving onto the much quieter North Bay I filmed various scenes as I walked along Royal Albert Drive.  Eventually I reached Peasholm Park and after shooting a few scenes here I doubled back to follow Queen’s Parade and Blenheim Terrace towards the Castle . Shooting scenes outside the ruin I then walked to St Mary’s Church before slowly making my way to the town centre. I took one or two shots along Westborough beside the railway station and Stephen Joseph Theatre before taking one more shot on Falsgrave Road to establish my search for the caravan site I had stayed in 40 years ago. I walked back to Palm Court, collected my car and drove to the final location I wanted to shoot. I had found on the map Jacobs Mount Caravan and Camping Park at Stepney Hill, which was (or at least the site of) the caravan site we used all those years earlier. I parked on a small hardstanding on the A170 and just quickly walked back to the entrance to Jacobs Mount to take my last couple of shots here. That was my filming in Scarborough finished, so I then drove onto Whitby where I was staying for the next four nights.
I had a few old photos from my holiday in Scarborough as a 9 year old, so I wanted to use some of them in my video, “Seaside of Scarborough”. I had a couple of photos from the Spa and some from the caravan site, so I added those in during editing. The musical soundtrack came to me whilst I was filming, so I actually filmed myself singing this theme inside the Premier Inn so that I wouldn’t forget it! When I got round to recording it I think I developed it into a lovely piece of music, which for me compliments my nostalgic trip to Scarborough.
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