The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 3rd November 2014
Post-production completed 14th December 2014
Running time 18 minutes
It is autumn 2014 and after a unusually warm October temperatures have dropped as November starts. However, on the day I decide to explore  Hathersage  in the  Peak District  and the nearby  Stanage Edge  the sun shines making it a very pleasant day indeed.....
Filmed in the  Peak District  in the counties of  Derbyshire  and  South Yorkshire . Locations include  Hathersage Stanage Edge Higger Tor  and  Carl Wark .
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Background and production details
I had another week off work at the start of November 2014, so I looked to make a few more films of “The Solitary Rambler” in the Peak District during that holiday. I thought about going out on Saturday 1st November as the weather forecast was, and indeed it turned out to be fantastic. However, I had been out for drinks with friends on the Friday night, so I was not feeling 100% on the Saturday morning! The forecast was good for the following Monday, which in hindsight I thought would be a better day as weekends would likely be a lot busier with other walkers and visitors.

I chose  Stanage Edge  as the primary location for my latest video and early on Monday 3rd November I arrived in  Hathersage  to begin the day’s filming. I parked my car near the outdoor swimming pool, so I took a few shots around here before walking towards the village centre where my heart sank as I saw major roadworks on the main street! I wasn’t going to be defeated though and I still managed to get some great footage of the village avoiding the roadworks in shot as much as I possibly could.

I walked up to the church to take a few shots before moving on to North Lees Hall. I shot many scenes around here and then climbed up to Stanage to carry out the main filming of the day. It was very windy up along the edge, but I captured some fantastic shots all the same. I filmed the millstones seen in the title sequence, which are just below the edge near the southern end before ending up at Upper Burbage Bridge. I stopped here briefly for a sandwich then continued on to  Higger Tor  and  Carl Wark  before heading back down to Hathersage where the filming was completed.


I composed a slower version of “Song of the Peaks” to use in several sequences of "Heights of Hathersage". Based around this I also created a couple of other haunting themes for the scenes before and after walking along Stanage Edge.
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