The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 7th September 2014
Post-production completed 26th October 2014
Running time 17 minutes
It is the last day of my holiday in the  Yorkshire Dales  in September 2014. However, before I return home I spend the day in the lovely village of  Malham . I go on a circular walk from the village that takes in  Malham Cove  and  Malham Tarn . The walk also provides me with a challenge as I encounter the rather hazardous  Gordale Scar .....
Filmed in the  Yorkshire Dales  in the county of  North Yorkshire  featuring the area in and around  Malham . Other locations include  Malham Cove Malham Tarn Gordale Scar  and  Janet's Foss .
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Background and production details

The weather for the first four days of my trip to the  Yorkshire Dales  in September 2014 had been perfect. It had been sunny, warm and dry, I couldn't have been luckier, but the weather for the fifth day was going to change. I had planned to go to  Malham  on that day, where I would finish all the filming I wanted to do in the Dales, but it was going to be a wetter day, so I needed to rethink my plan. However, the sixth day was going to be sunny and warm again, possibly the best day of my whole week’s stay, but it was also the day I would be returning home. Therefore, I decided to spend the wet day as a much deserved break in filming, which was actually really nice as I left the camcorder at my  B&B  in  Hawes  and just had a relaxed and chilled out day touring around. It then seemed logical to spend my last day completing the filming as I would be driving close to Malham on the journey back anyway and I was in no rush to get home that day. So on the 7th September I had packed up and left Hawes to set off for Malham. I parked my car in the National Park centre car park just outside of the village and commenced the filming of “Magnetism of Malhamdale” just before 10.00am. The village was already busy with visitors by this time, but that was not surprising due to the lovely weather as well as the attraction of the location itself. I took many shots of Malham before moving on to start a circular walk from the village.

I followed the  Pennine Way  towards  Malham Cove  where I filmed several scenes of this beauty spot, before climbing up onto the limestone pavement on the top. Capturing some quite spectacular shots here I continued filming along the Pennine Way to  Malham Tarn  before heading back towards Malham via the most challenging route of the day. I had only visited  Gordale Scar  once many years previously, but I had forgotten how hazardous it was. Climbing down the very steep path to the waterfall where you literally have to scramble down to the bottom was pretty hair-raising. I couldn't even film all of it as it was too dangerous for me to use the camera whilst scrambling down. Nevertheless I’m glad I came here and still managed to get some good shots of the dramatic limestone ravine. Passing  Janet’s Foss  I completed the days’ filming back in Malham at about 4.45pm before packing away the camcorder to enjoy a pint in the  Lister Arms  before leaving to head back home.

As with the previous three Yorkshire Dales films I wanted to compose instrumental sections of “Insecure About You”. However, I ended up recording just one short piece in addition to another theme, which does actually come from a section of the original song, and I recorded a heavy rock version of this theme for the end titles. I also composed a couple of more dramatic themes to represent Malham Cove and in particular Gordale Scar.
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