The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 30th May 2014
Post-production completed 30th August 2014
Running time 15 minutes
I finally manage to get out for a nice walk after several days of consistent heavy rain. The lovely village of  Litton  in the  Peak District  is where my walk begins that takes in no less than five dales.....
Filmed in the  Peak District  in the county of  Derbyshire  featuring the village of  Litton . Locations include Tansley Dale, Cressbrook Dale,  Wardlow and Wardlow Mires Cressbrook Litton Mill , Tideswell Dale as well as a small section of the  Monsal Trail .
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Background and production details
After I had filmed “ Triangle of Taddington ” on the Whitsun Bank Holiday Monday I wanted to go out over the following days of that week to film more short films in the  Peak District . Unfortunately the weather turned very wet again, so that spoilt my plans in a big way. It wasn’t until the Friday that it became dry, so I at least took the opportunity to get out on that morning.

Another of my personal favourite villages in the Peak District is  Litton , which is about a mile east of  Tideswell , so this was the location I chose for my next film of “The Solitary Rambler”, which I would call “Limestone of Litton”.  The Red Lion  has always been one of my favourite pubs too. It provides good hearty pub grub that’s not overpriced and food is served all day rather than only lunchtimes and evenings. The beer is great as well, so I’ve found it to be a reliable establishment in which to eat and drink whatever time of the day I’ve been out.

I arrived in Litton just before 9am, the latest starting time so far since I’ve been shooting short films! I was much more confident by now in how much time it would take to make a 15-20 minute video, so I didn’t feel the need to be up at the crack of dawn anymore! I filmed a few scenes in the village before moving on towards Tansley Dale. It was very muddy underfoot from the recent wet weather, so I was expecting to slip on my arse at some point during the day!

Reaching Cressbrook Dale I walked up to  Wardlow Mires  to film a few shots of the hamlet before following the road into Wardlow. After shooting some cutaways of this village I walked across the fields which took me back into Cressbrook Dale, but a little further down from where I had been earlier. From here I walked down to the village of  Cressbrook  to film numerous shots around the area before walking up to join the  Monsal Trail .

All the tunnels on the Monsal Trail are now open to the public, so I wanted to follow a short section of the trail to film some shots in a couple of the recently reopened tunnels. It was very busy on the trail with cyclists in particular, but I left the trail again when I reached  Litton Mill . Filming one or two shots here my last stretch of filming would be the journey up Tideswell Dale on my way back to Litton. I arrived back in the village where I filmed a few more shots and completed the day’s shooting at about 2.30pm. 

Like “Triangle of Taddington” I had no preconceived ideas about the music for “Limestone of Litton”. I wanted to use part of “Song of the Peaks”, my main Peak District theme into my soundtrack, so I composed a brief new version, which I incorporated into a completely new theme in order to keep it fresh. I struggled for quite a while to come up with any new music for this film, but I eventually came up with a theme for the scenes where I walk from Tansley Dale to Cressbrook Dale, so that ended up being the main theme for the remainder of the film.
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