The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 26th May 2014
Post-production completed 12th August 2014
Running time 10 minutes
Starting and ending in the  Peak District   village of Taddington I walk a triangular route visiting two other villages, Flagg and Chelmorton . I’ve got until early afternoon to complete this walk before the rain starts…..
Filmed in the  Peak District  in the county of  Derbyshire  featuring the villages of  Taddington Flagg  and  Chelmorton .
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Background and production details
Towards the end of May 2014 I had booked another week off work during the Whitsun Bank Holiday, so during that week I decided to shoot more short films of the “Solitary Rambler”. Unfortunately the weather turned out to be wet for most of that period, so I was unable to get out as much as I had hoped. However, the Monday was forecast to be dry up until about 2pm, so I thought if I could get out early enough I might be able to get a film done before the rain.

I chose  Taddington  as the next main location in the  Peak District  where I wanted to base my next film. I had already made three short films, so by this time I felt I had a better idea of how much filming I needed to do in a day to create one 20 minute video. The walk I had planned was a fairly short one, which would start in Taddington then would take in the nearby villages of  Flagg  and  Chelmorton . The story I decided to tell whilst on this walk was about some of the anger inside me and what causes it.

On the Bank Holiday Monday I left home early, as with my previous short films, and drove up to Taddington to arrive in the village before 8am. It was a lovely sunny morning, but I knew I had to get cracking with the walk and filming in order to get back to the car before 2pm, which was when the rain was forecast.

The bottoms of my trousers became wet quickly from walking through the long grass of the local fields. There had been a lot of heavy rain over the last few days and there was more to come! However, it was still a sunny and dry morning, so I got all my scenes in Taddington filmed before moving on towards Flagg. It remained dry in Flagg and was still a decent day by the time I reached Chelmorton. It became slightly more overcast as I began climbing over the hill back in the direction of Taddington, but it was nothing to complain about and I completed the filming above Taddington when I could feel the odd spot of rain, so I had timed it all perfectly!

I had no preconceived ideas about the music for this latest film, which I decided to call “Triangle of Taddington”. Not necessarily the most interesting title perhaps, but it seemed appropriate as the walk I had done was a triangular route between the three villages. I knew I wanted a dramatic musical theme, so I eventually came up with a very simple couple of chords on the keyboard that formed the basis of the main soundtrack throughout the film, which I was very happy with and I think worked really well.
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