The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 5th to 9th September 2005
Post-production completed 21st August 2006
Latest revised edition 6th February 2016
Running time 54 minutes
Accompanying my mother I spend a week on a caravan holiday in  Pembrokeshire .  I have a very stress-free time where there are no creepy old haunts to worry about, no thugs to hound me or no other enemies looking to settle old scores.  It’s just a quiet relaxing holiday exploring the magnificent coastline and whilst here I am able to sit back and take a good look at how life is going generally.....
Filmed in the county of  Pembrokeshire  including  Tenby Broad Haven St Davids Strumble Head Fishguard  and the  Preseli Hills .
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Background and production details
Although it ended up being over three years since I had made a “Solitary Rambler” story, I was originally intending to shoot the 10th film in 2003.  I wanted to make it a special “anniversary” kind of story as it would be the 10th film of the series as well as being 10 years since the series started. It was to be set as usual in the Forest of Dean.

However, about six months after “ Saunter in Soudley ” was completed my life suddenly changed when I moved to Derbyshire, so the 10th film was pushed very much into the background as I had new priorities for a while.  I was also now living about 150 miles away from my friends and the Forest of Dean, so it wasn’t going to be the easiest of things to arrange.  Therefore, the 10th story was drifting away and as time went on it seemed more and more unlikely that it was ever going to be made.

And then nearly three years later the 10th film of “The Solitary Rambler” very suddenly and at the last minute became a high possibility of finally being made, but it wasn’t the anniversary story that I had originally planned.....

I always knew that at some point I wanted to record a “Solitary Rambler” film in  Pembrokeshire .  It all started when my mum told me that she was renting a caravan for a week in the county, and I was invited to join her there.  I accepted her invitation like a shot, and then I suddenly thought why not take my camcorder with me?  I had purchased a new one fairly recently, and this one had an LCD screen, which meant for the first time I could actually film myself without the need of a cameraman as I could see myself in shot whilst recording.  However, I became very keen on the idea of trying to do a “documentary” style film.  I knew that no-one else would be in the film, expect for perhaps my mum, so I had the idea of setting up the camera to film myself to talk about Pembrokeshire as well as talking about other things happening in my life at the time.  I had no idea if this kind of film was going to work, but as I would be in Pembrokeshire I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to film there and give it a go.

So in September 2005 I drove down to Mum’s to pick her up and then we drove over to  Wales  to end up in  Fishguard , where our caravan was that Mum had booked for us.  I filmed a few scenes within the caravan whilst I was chatting to Mum, but most of the time I went off on my own each day to film many parts of the Pembrokeshire coast to talk about the places I visited.

I also bought myself a brand new professional Yamaha keyboard , so I have been able to be even more creative with my soundtrack for this and subsequent films. The voices on the keyboard sound much more authentic than anything I have played before, so my music just sounds better and better. I particularly love the piano, choral and electric guitar sounds so those voices get used a lot more in my musical compositions. I had composed a song about Pembrokeshire in 2003 called "Once in Your Lifetime", so that became my main theme for this film. It pleases me to say that all who have watched this story or have just heard the song have told me it's one of their favourite songs I have ever composed.

This film is a first in that it does not feature either Michael or Nigel, who over the years have become a major part of “The Solitary Rambler” series, although I do make references to them both, as well as other friends of mine during the course of the story.

If you are wondering who Martin Roy is..... well it’s actually me!  I decided to use a pseudonym instead as I was conscious of having my own name credited against nearly all of the end titles! Before I was born Martin Roy was the name my parents were going to give me, but once I was actually born they decided not to use that name in the end!  I continue to use this pseudonym as well as others in future films.

Revised edition
My February 2016 re-edit of “Perspectives in Pembrokeshire” was the same as the original version except that I removed out one scene inside the caravan of my chatting with Mum as I felt this particular conversation had no relevance to the rest of the film.
The sound is much improved as when I first edited this back in 2006 as at that time I didn’t have sufficient cables to digitally capture the stereo sound from the Hi8 tapes. Therefore, all the footage had sound only in the right channel. However, since recently digitizing all my old Hi8 footage with the right software I now have complete stereo sound, so now “Perspectives in Pembrokeshire” sounds much better.
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